Sunday, July 09, 2006

All in a day's work...

On any given day I complete a variety of tasks. I work. I clean. I cook. I kiss. I wash. I make. I wish. There are three pictures above.
The first is a picture of Ella's first trip to the movie theater. The second is a picture of Jay wearing silly glasses with a fake nose. The third is a picture of my sister.
The pictures of Jay and KK are for the purpose of a neat website.
It's an interesting wesite. You can upload a picture of yourself or someone else and use their tools to see what celebrities you look like. It's really neat. You can also add members of your family and scan that way too.
I just wanted to add the picture of Ella for the purpose of announcing her first movie.
And the adventures keep coming...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blogging is far more complicated than it looks....

Blogging takes a good deal of work. It can be very time consuming. I haven't attempted to add links to my blog yet. Apparently, you have to actually edit Html and stuff. That is far more work than I want to put into this. I will simply post pictures of my adventures. Maybe one day I'll get around to

Sunday, July 02, 2006

River water seems to get into your blood. Hadley definitely has it. Jay has it. Both my dad and Jay's dad have it. Okay, I guess some of you might need a little bit of history. Jay and I know each other because of the River. Our grandparents had river camps next door to each other. My father was several years older than Jay's father, but our aunts are almost exactly the same age. Only a couple of weeks separate them. Our fathers and aunts and grandparents spent many summers playing together on the Elk River. Long after my grandparents sold their river camp, my father longed to get back to the water. He dreamed of building a log cabin overlooking the Elk River. Jim also wanted to be on the River. He and Kaye have been lucky that they were able to be on the river. My father died before he could build his cabin.
Jay and I take our kids to the river as often as possible. Today, they played in a swimming pool by the garage and went for jetski rides. I goofed and didn't get pictures of the jetski rides, but here are some of my adorable babies in the water.
The Adventures of Mrs. Jay continue...