Monday, June 09, 2008

Notice of Intent to Levy

If blogging were analogous to taxes, I would have received a letter from the government with an intent to levy my personal property to pay my tax. Yes, that's right. I have been so consumed with work, that I have failed to update my blog in nearly a year. Here is a quick update of the last year in no particular order (and a promise to blog more often):

1. I have officially signed my life over to my career.
2. Ella had another ear surgery; it went very well.
3. We had excellent holidays.
4. I am another year older.
5. I attempted to master It didn't go so well.
6. I can cross-accrue income tax for corporations in my sleep.
7. My secretary who moved to Auburn is expecting twin boys...Oz and Conner.
8. My sister had a baby. Chesley.
9. Layton loves the color orange.
10. Ella is obsessed with preparing "payroll." My career has warped my children.
11. Hadley is addicted to the internet. I should have her blog for me.

I promise to provide updates and lots of pictures soon!!!