Monday, January 19, 2009

The Next Paula Deen...

Ella loves to cook. She made supper for our entire family earlier this week. She made spaghetti with meatballs and cheese tortellini. It was SO good! Obviously, she needs help with setting the temperatures, taking hot things out of the oven, and reading the labels.

Some of you probably know about Ella's special situation. She is allergic to eggs, peanuts, and shellfish. It is extremely difficult to prepare a meal for our family that she can eat. Imagine going to the grocery store and reading the ingredients label on the back of everything you purchase. Imagine going out to eat and asking the chef to prepare something that does not contain or come in contact with any eggs, shellfish, or peanuts. She cannot have a flu shot. She cannot have birthday cake. Certain ice cream is made with egg. When she had her adenoids removed, the surgeon had to order special gloves because most surgical gloves contain a portion of peanut oil. They also had to put a warning on her chart that no beta dine could be used on her or anything touching her. Individuals with shellfish allergies are often times very sensitive to beta dine as well. Dealing with her allergies has literally taken over a portion of my life.

So, I am thrilled that she has taken such an interest in cooking. She is learning all about how to prepare meals that are safe for her to eat. She also made these adorable monkey shaped rice treats for dessert. Her favorite channel is the food network, and her favorite shoe is Paula Deen's show. She keeps begging us to take her to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant.
I'm guessing all my readers know where we will be vacationing this summer....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My younger sister is having surgery next week. Please keep Kathryn in your prayers.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Disclosure...

Five things I am addicted to:

1. My "nuggets." Jay and I affectionately refer to our children as "children nuggets." This is a result of the question, "What do you want for dinner?" Their response is always chicken nuggets. I am completely hooked on all three of them....Hadley, Ella, and Layton.

2. Mary Kay. I love all of the products offered by Mary Kay. Especially the lip is great!

3. Funny stories. For example: When Layton was a wee baby, I started calling him Later Tater. It evolved over the months, and as he started talking, he started calling himself Tater Tots. Well, my sister bought some tater tots to prepare for her oldest child. Charsy promptly said, "We are having Laytons for dinner!"

4. Shoes. Without a doubt, I LOVE shoes! It seems that I rarely find clothes that fit comfortably. If I try on a dress, it's too big up top or too small on bottom. I have short hobbit legs that make a pants purchase a nightmare. Shoes. They always fit.

5. My phone. Without my cell phone, I do not know what I would do. I think back to the days before I had a cell phone and wonder how I managed to live through the day without a crisis! It is more than just a phone to me. It is my calendar, my method of organizing files I use on the go for work, my source of contact with friends and family, and the way my children can always reach me.

I would like to thank Lacy for prompting me to disclose my addictions. I am supposed to ask for five more bloggers to dish out their five addictions. So, I will have to figure out who to call on...check back later...