Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Things...

Recently, I took a survey on Mommiedaze. It's a blog I like. The survey was all about bloggers and who you are...if you get you receive free products...etc. Of course I don't receive any compensation for my posts; I don't receive free products either. Much like in real life, I am a big, fat, nobody on the blogging scene. It's a hobby that allows me to rant about anything and everything and to show off my herd of children. I think my mom looks at it from time to time. My husband probably checks it to see what kind of security breach I have created. It's Cody's homepage....or at least he lied and told me it was. I made a decision though. Instead of reveiwing products for compensation and freebies, I am going to review products I use everyday just for fun.

Today's product: Head and Shoulders.

I LOVE Head and Shoulders shampoo. When middle nugget was a baby, she had excema. The pediatrician recommended that I use Head and Shoulders to help with the cradle cap and excema problem. It worked like a charm. I got used to the smell of it on my small child and have been using it ever since. Heck, I buy it at Costo in the large containers that you can never actually empty. Who am I kidding? We have a gaggle of children, so I buy everything at Costco in huge quantities. Anyway, back to the review of the product.....the smell is light and clean. My hair feels clean all day, and I have been able to avoid build up by alternating between the 2-in-1 and regular shampoo. What else should a review include? Oh yeah, fiscal is more expensive than Suave and other low cost brands, but in my opinion it is worth the extra expense because of the smell, functionality, and sentimental value.

Overall: I give Head and Shoulders five out of five stars.

There is no such thing as 100%...

I have always assumed that when the pediatrician recommends a vaccination, that the shot would prevent the ailment. This is not entirely true. Some vaccinations actually do prevent the ailment, and other shots are not 100% effective.

The varicella vaccine is a shot that can prevent chickenpox. It is called varicella because the varicella virus causes chickenpox. Up to 90% of people who receive the vaccine will not get chickenpox. People who get chickenpox after having the vaccine have a milder form of the disease.

As of right now, my children fall in the 10% who get the chickenpox anyway. If you haven't had the chickenpox or the 'vaccine'....stay away from my house.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pet Peeve....

I have a cell phone. I have a land based phone line for my house. I have three land based phones lines in my office. I have two email addresses; one is for home (web based) and the other for work. I have a facsimile in my office.

I get slightly more than zero cell phone reception in my office. I have no windows. My office is the innermost room of a cement building. In the event of nuclear apocalypse, my office is a safe place to be.

Why is it that some people refuse to accept that there are other ways to get in touch with me besides my cell phone?

If you call my cell phone while I am at work, 9 times out of 10, I will NOT answer. My cell phone will NOT ring. If my cell phone does ring, it is because I happen to be standing out front holding my cell phone. If you have a question related to what I do for a living, call my office. Plain and simple.

Even though I have told a certain client at least two dozen times not to call my cell phone during business hours, he still ONLY calls my cell phone. Inevitably, when I leave for the day, I will walk outside and hear my phone chime alerting me to voice mails I didn't know I had. Then, the guy gets mad at me for not returning his call until after 5:00. Time after time I am greeted with...."I only deal with business during business hours. Call me tomorrow!!" Time after time I remind him...."You know my office phone numbers. You know my email address. Please use one of those two methods to contact me during the day. I don't have any cell phone reception in my office." Without fail, he calls my cell phone the next day.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The 'Carnival'...

A while back, we took the nuggets to a "carnival." I am using that word loosely because the newspaper wasn't quite accurate about the "carnival." There weren't many rides. Layton only got to go on two, and an employee of the event kept trying to get me to go on the road with him. The kids really enjoyed the fun house and sno cones though. :)