Friday, June 17, 2011

Random BlackBerry Awesome Sauce...

While flipping through the pictures on my phone, I thought there were a couple worth bringing up.

First, Layton and his "I'm so ghetto" pose.

Give it up little boy. Everyone knows you are just a cutie pie. No one with a blond Afro has any street cred. Word.

Second, Michael Jackson impersonators are the best. No seriously, the best. This particular one has a stage tied to the roof of his car. He-He, Whoo! I just grabbed my crotch a little.

Third, the scary, panel van with an A/C unit in the back window. C'mon Man. Could you be any more of a creeper? I've got ice cream. And lollipops. And I lost my dog.

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Any time I see a creeper van, I can't help but wonder...and then I make sure my pistol is loaded.