Friday, July 15, 2011

The Newest Pair...

Ella got her ears pierced a while back. We kept the original pair in for a number of weeks. The jewelry store recommended six weeks. Hmmmm. I should have ignored that. Six weeks later I took out the earrings. She proceeded to change earrings 30 times that day. No joke. Then, she refused to sleep in a pair. The next morning her ears were swollen and red and pussy. It was awful!!! I had to sterilize a needle, push chunks of puss through the holes, and put a pair of my expensive studs in. The doctoring continued for days on end. Peroxide. Neosporin. Hollering on Ella's part. Then, everything was fine. After another three weeks, I decided to let her try changing her earrings again. My mother-in-law bought this pair for her.

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After that first debacle, she learned her lesson. There have been no issues since. Praise the Lord!!!