Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When You're the Oldest...By Far....

Hadley is three years older than Charsy. Hadley is four years older than Ella. Hadley is six years older than Layton. Hadley is seven years older than Nathan. Hadley is nine years older than Chesley. Hadley is ten years older than Lacey.

If you're catching on, my oldest child is really too much older than any of her cousins to enjoy playing with them. She's getting to the age where playing with toys isn't fun. She's texting and making phone calls and starting to be more like a little grown up. I've started letting her take a friend with her to the farm on Sundays. That way she has someone to spend time with too. The little cousins play very well together, so she is always a little left out.

She has taken her friend Grace with her a couple of times, and I am fairly certain she wants to take her again the next time we go. :) Yea for friends!!!
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