Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In the Event of Vomit....

Layton got sick in the night last night. He is such a sweet boy. Bless his heart. He threw up on one end of his bed. He didn't bother to wake anyone up; he moved to the other end of his bed and went back to sleep. When I went in to wake him this morning, I discovered the sick.

It made me think...what would the others do in the event of midnight vomit?...

Ella. She would no doubt come running to wake me while leaving a trail of vomit along the way. She would cry and need to be held and would be so dramatic about the whole affair that you would swear no one had ever thrown up in the history of the world. I would then spend half the night cleaning up the mess and mopping every floor between her bedroom and mine.

Hadley. She wouldn't bother waking anyone. She wouldn't bother telling anyone. She would quietly get up and go to the bathroom to tend to business. It is entirely possible that she wouldn't mention it for two days. "Mommy, I forgot to tell you I threw up. Circa two days ago." "Hadley, why didn't you come get me?" "Well, I forgot about it; it didn't seem that important." Yes, Hadley would forget her head if it weren't attached to her body. The fact that she is absent minded is her most frustrating and endearing quality.

Jay. Well, he would have checked into the Days Inn when the first one got sick and been in quarantine, so it's unlikely that midnight vomit would happen to him. Ha! Just kidding. He would be utterly discreet. He would need me to bring him water and tend to him some.

Me. I am the queen of the stealth puke. I prefer to avoid throwing up at all costs. I once had a multi-year vomit-free streak going. Pregnancy tends to ruin a vomit-free streak. I'm a genius and kept getting knocked up, so my vomit-free streaks have not been as long as I would like. I would quietly vomit and go back to bed. The thing is this....once you become a mother, there aren't any sick days. I would still need to take children to and from school and deal with household chores. Ergo. Stealth puke. Under the radar.

Each of my children has a distinct personality, and it shows every day. Whether they are sick or well, each one handles life differently....especially in the event of vomit.