Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A couple of years ago I didn't bother doing a post about the things I'm thankful for. Instead I did a post about things I am not thankful for. It was meant to be humorous, but in hindsight I realize I came across as a total scrooge.

Well, I am feeling particularly thankful this year, and I have a hankering to tell you what I'm thankful for.

1. My family. Jay, Hadley, Ella, and Layton are just about the most adorable group on the planet. There is nothing better than getting a big hug from one of my babies or having Jay snuggle me when I'm cold.  I love my family.

2. My job. I am so lucky to have a great job that allows me to work part time and have a support network of other professionals who understand the needs of my family. I cannot tell you what a stress reliever it is to work for a company that honestly puts family first and will work with me on my schedule to make sure that I can put my family first.

3. My friends. I literally have the best friends a gal could ask for. Being able to spend time with other young women who understand what I feel like and who support me no matter what is a joy that I am thrilled to have in my life. If I am having a bad day, I have a plethora of women I can call and talk it out with. If I need a girls night out, all I have to do is send one text to start rallying the troops.

4. Health. I am so glad that my family is healthy. I know Layton has some issues, but thanks to medical science, he has a wonderful life and will thrive. It is such a blessing to be healthy. I know of so many families who are not blessed with health. I cannot imagine the horror of having a gravely ill child, and I know just how incredibly fortunate we are.

5. Technology. Believe it or not technology has afforded me the opportunity to make wonderful friends on Twitter and through Blogs. There are moments when I wish I didn't have a cell phone that makes me accessible 24 hours a day, but for the most part I am thrilled that I can talk or text or tweet whenever I want. How lucky is that?!?!!

6. Tivo. I love being able to record shows and watch them later. Jay and I were joking about how wonderful DVRs have made life the other day. He can remember being out to eat with his grandparents who just had to leave, so they could make it home before Dallas came on. We go to the beach for a week and come home to all our favorite shows hanging out on Tivo waiting on us.

This list barely scrapes the surface of the things I am grateful for. The list goes on and on and on. I have been blessed more than I deserve. I haven't done anything in my life that makes me deserving of the good fortune in my life, yet here I sit with more than to be grateful for than can possibly be counted.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful today because this day wasn't promised.