Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Siblings...

My father-in-law and his sister are 364 days apart in age. For one day each year, they are the same age. Since Papa Jim turned 60 this year, we decided to go out to eat to celebrate. See, his birthday is Christmas Eve, so it's hard to celebrate on his big day. We went out the night before on Peggy's birthday. It was wonderful to get the two of them and all their children and grandchildren together for a night. It would have been even better if Jay hadn't been under the weather and the service had been a little speedier. I think the last time we did anything for Jim's birthday was when he turned 50. Yes, it had been a decade. Oops.

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I have always felt bad for Jim and Peggy having birthdays right at Christmas-time. They kind of get the short end of the birthday stick so to speak. Even their presents have often been Christmas themed. Just ask Aunt Peggy about the ''Snowman Story." :)