Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hubs Is Guilty...

The Hubs loves to give ridiculous gifts. What, you want proof? Um, just ask his brother about the battle axe, beer belt, or Bulls Balls. There's actually a semi-comical story about the Bulls Balls. Jay drove out to Jeffrey and Lori's house in the middle of the night and put them on Lori's car. He's always trying to get Lori riled up. :)

At the farm a while back, Jay decided to give Nephew Nathan his Christmas present early. Side bar: it's not really his present, but Jay was playing the part of Uncle Danger. :)

Yes, Jay took a branch and whittled the end into a spear. This is Nephew Nathan's mean face. He made it especially for my photo op.

Could Jay pass up the opportunity to make one for Layton too? Of course not.

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So, the two little boys played in the bed of Jeffrey's truck with spears from Jay. I wasn't quite horrified enough to take the spears away. I took pictures first. Ha!!!