Friday, December 16, 2011

Mommer's Boy Baby...

Layton refers to me as Mommers on a regular basis. He calls me Mommy as well, but it warms my soul when he calls me Mommers. What makes me even more giddy is when he refers to himself as, "Mommers's Boy Baby."

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He may not be a baby anymore, but when he was a baby, I called him the, "the boy baby." I guess after having two girls and living in a world of pink, purple, glittery, bubble gum for so long, I couldn't help but point out that he was a boy every time I looked at him. The pseudo-nickname stuck, and we have been calling him "boy baby" ever since.

What do you think? Is this not the sweetest "Mommers's Boy Baby" you ever did see? :)