Monday, December 26, 2011

One Time at Band Camp....

Hadley is in the band. She plays the flute. We've established that band was cool in Athens for a long time. No, really. It was cool to be in the band here. There are still some lingering feelings of affection toward the band program here even though our rocking directors retired.

The middle school had their Christmas concert not too long ago. Hadley was sporting the tux like no body's business. She was thrilled to remove the tie and cumber bun though. Truth be wasn't the best Sleigh Ride I have ever heard, but I was very proud of how hard the children had obviously worked on it. There were several times when I honestly thought it was going to fall apart, but the kids kept on going. It was endearing.

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These are a few of Hadley's band friends. It was impossible to get a good shot of her playing the flute. She was completely obscured by other kids. :( She doesn't want to be in the band next year unless she can be a part of the dance twirl team. I know, I know. Where did I go wrong?