Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Up for a Road Trip?...

A while back I helped with Dinner in the Orchard here in town. A local orchard arranged the whole thing. Deep in the orchard amongst the trees tables were set up with charming lights, gorgeous decor, and the most delicious local and semi-local food you've ever had. The wine was provided by vintners within driving distance of my hometown. One such wine was called Apple Riesling, and it was just about the best wine I have ever tasted. So....we loaded up one Saturday and drove to the winery.

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We had a wonderful afternoon tasting wines and getting to know the owners a little bit. Jay and I ended up buying a case of a variety of wines. They were all so good!!!!

I'm hoping to plan another trip to the winery to partake in their brunch or lunch that is served. Anyone up for a wine tasting trip?