Monday, December 12, 2011

What They Say Splits My Sides...

This post is as much for me to remember the cute little things my children do as much as it is for your entertainment.

It's a fairly safe assumption that I have established the fact that my children are a little, um, different. I think telling you that Layton has been singing, "I'm awkward and I know it" to the tune of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" for the last week will highlight the interestingness (yes, I just made that word up) of my codependents. There are several other things they say/do that absolutely make me laugh out loud though.

1. Safety spot - this is the spot in the back of the bathtub that is safe from the hottest water. Yes, when Ella runs bathwater for Layton, he sits in "the safety spot" to avoid getting scalded by whatever Ella is doing. And yes, they talk about the safety spot. Often.

2. Pause the game - Sometimes during a rousing game of Scrabble or Dress Up, someone has to potty. My children will scream, "Pause the game", go potty, and then scream "Unpause the game" before resuming the applicable game.

3. Queen of kids - Hadley is the Queen of Kids. The other kids refer to her as the Queen of Kids, and in the event of a "kid meeting" (yes, they actually have those), the Queen of Kids can veto any idea. They're not a democracy; Hadley is in fact the dictator over anyone who comes to play at our house.

4. Mini taco - This is just nasty, and I cannot believe I'm putting this on the Interwebs. Ok, my kids like alliteration with their meals. Taco Tuesday. Spaghetti Sunday. Fishy Friday. Etc. Yes, they will actually request Taco Tuesday for dinner on Tuesdays. Let me go ahead and tell you. Ella isn't going to eat her taco. She will open it up and use the chips from the chips and salsa to scoop the innards up and in her mouth. Layton and Hadley call this the mini taco scoop. It is messy and rarely ends without stains and someone yelling about how gross it is.

5. Bambi nuzzles - When Hadley was little, I foolishly let her watch Bambi. She cried. I cried. It was not a good experience. Really though, what executive thought a children's movie with animals getting shot was a great idea? Anyway, the one thing Hadley loved about the movie was the way that Bambi nuzzled the mother before her unfortunate demise. She would take her cheek and nuzzle it against my cheek. She called it the Bambi Nuzzle, and all three of them do it now. It's just about the sweetest thing ever.

6. Atomic wedgie - This isn't orignal, but Layton is obsessed with giving atomic wedgies to anyone and everyone. It's the way he rolls with laughter that makes it so hilarious. Be warned. If your underpants can be seen, Layton is going to yank them up and yell "Atomic Wedgie" as he does it.

7. Rock-n-Rollio - As we are leaving the house in the mornings for school....the children chant in unison...Let's Rock, Let's Roll, Let's Rock-n-Rollio. It's like our theme song as we walk out the door.

8. It's time to take out the trash - Layton is a big fan of trash talk. He does a lot of it; sometimes I think he might be a professional wrestler reincarnated. Anyway, Jay likes to egg the kids on by telling them that, "Mommy smells like wet goat." Layton responds to this with, "It's time to take out the trash." Or. "I'm bringing out the big guns." Big guns are accompanied by the most hysterical dancing move you've ever seen. I really should video it and put it on the blog. After his trash talk, he attacks Jay. Awww. Little man defends my honor and hygiene.

I never want to forget the adorable little nuances of their childhood. It really is so very special.

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