Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eating Bread...

These chickens are a lot like me.

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They eat a lot of bread. :) I have always been a sucker for bread products. I love a roll. Oh, biscuits. Oh heaven, yeast and white flour. Word to ya motha. I love some carbs. I could eat Layton's weight in Logan's rolls. I could eat 15 biscuits for breakfast. I think I did yesterday. Luvici's serves their dinner rolls with honey butter. Don't even ask how many I ate the last time I was there. It was ugly.

The thing is that all of the carbs I love are off limits to Layton. Being a gluten-free person can be tough. I know I shouldn't eat as much enriched flour as I do, but it's like I can't make myself stop.

Do any of you have any food addictions?