Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hold This...But Only for One Week of the Month....

This picture got me thinking. The comments on this picture really got me thinking. Why am I still carrying a tampon case from 1985? Wouldn't it be easier to buy a new one that is slightly more stylish? I love having a case because I work with a bunch of men. I've always tried to be discreet about things like having a tampon-9-1-1. It really shouldn't be anything to be embarrassed about, but for some reason, I'm not about to walk to the ladies room swinging a tampon as casually as I would swing a bag from Tiffany's. 

So, I googled tampon case. My, my, my. Haven't things gotten stylish since 1985? Here's the proof.

Ooooo, this next one isn't a tampon case. It's a tampon clutch. 

The word clutch just makes that time of the month seem so much classier than the word case, right?

And now I present, the tampon wallet. Making periods richer one gal at a time. 

I totally stole this pictures off Etsy. Since I don't have a huge blog following, maybe no one will turn me in. I did link to the actual products though as a show of good faith. And yes, I actually put one in my cart. These things are WAY cuter than the plastic container I've been carrying for a decade. Maybe the next time there is a link up regarding purse contents, you'll get to see which one I upgraded to.