Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Bag of Tricks...

So, Becky is interested what products we women think we need/want in our purses. I sort of resisted linking up at first, but I decided to go ahead and do it. I'm not at home with access to my decent camera or the ability to create an interesting backdrop, but I can still embarrass myself from work during my lunch break. :)

I have not been thoughtful and labeled each product. No, I'm not as clever as Becky, so you'll just have to deal with my crappy navigation skills on this one. 

Things from inside my your way from left-ish to right-ish...

wallet (has so many pennies in it that it no longer zips. Yes, only pennies.)
dental floss (I never leave home without it.)
manicure kit (at least this one item is Vera Bradley and cute)
1985 tampon holder (no clue where this bad boy came from, but it's been in my purse for like a decade), Mary Kay compact (complete with powder. Color? Casper the Friendly Ghost White)
lip gloss and lipsticks in various shades
Ella's Epi-Pen (I'm convinced that if I leave home without it, she will eat a peanut and die.)

Whoops, I forgot to point out the lotion. I keep a small tube of lotion in the ole handbag. Here's the kicker. I edited the contents. Extreme edited the contents. If you were to look inside my purse without all of the above goodness inside, the bag would still be full. Of what? Crap. Receipts from the grocery store. An EFTPS printout in case I forgot to give one to the client. A notepad. Two meal replacement shake packets from Advocare. Those have been there a while. Might oughta take them out. Advil. And all sorts of other garbage. Ziploc bags of miscellaneous items the children have given me. Evidence of the bacon Layton didn't eat for breakfast. He's not real good at using the garbage can. Sometimes, Mommy's purse or pocket seems like a better place. The rebate paperwork for Hadley's most recent contact lens purchase. A grocery list from two months ago. You know, the kind of stuff everyone keeps in their purse.