Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shabby Chic....

Okay. I have never been much of a dress girl. I have stuck to slacks, jeans, and other types of pants for the majority of my life. It's because I have cankles. I do in fact have cankles. Can't help it. Born that way. My fear of anything shorter than 2 inches too long only got worse after I got married and heard the hubs and Cody ragging on chicks with cankles like you would not believe. It was then that I realized I never wanted anyone to see my cankles ever again. My legs have been in hiding for more than a decade now. I even wear jeans at the beach. Pardon the French, but no shit, I wear jeans at the beach. See...

On the rare occasion that I do decide to rock a dress, it has to be a good one. A really good one. My dress of choice? Shabby Apple.

I have the Cleopatra, and it never fails to get a lot of compliments. I also have one that they don't make anymore, but it looks a lot like the Martha's Vineyard dress. I have it in navy blue, and I think it was called Ahoy Mate.

I have been thinking that I might need to invest in a dress or two for tax season. Shabby Apple came to mind. I opened my email this morning, and wouldn't you know it. Shabby Apple is having a terrific sale! 20% off everything on their site if you use the code NEWYEAR at checkout. There is also free shipping on orders over $100.

You will love these dresses!