Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Child of Mine...With No Curls...

Layton's hair has gotten particularly wild and out of control lately. He's been wanting it straight, but this is the best I could do.

The longer his hair gets, the harder it gets to control the fro. No amount of gel or brushing will make the ends straight on the days he wants to have straight hair. I love the fact that he tells me every morning whether or not he is going to let the curly flag fly.

So....we took him to get a shorter do. It had gotten so long that the woman had to use the clippers and then go back over the whole thing with scissors after that. Whoops. At least Layton's wild hair is a money saver. We only have to pay for semi-annual haircuts.

His hair looks so much darker when it's short. I don't think he's blond anymore; he's getting brown on me. Awwwww. Sweet little man.

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