Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Boots and Skinny Jeans...

Boots and skinny jeans are all Ella wants to wear these days. I bought her the superest, skinniest, jeans I could find. They were TINY! Ella is tinier though! The jeans were a colossal fail; there was enough excess fabric in the boot-ay to make a pair of shorts. She is the lankiest little thing I have ever seen. If I were to buy skinny jeans skinny enough to be skinny jeans, they would be 6 inches too short because they would be a size 2T. She is just lean. It is a blessed genetic quality that she got from the ole hubs. He's lanky too. :) I licked a french fry last Tuesday and couldn't zip my pants this morning as a result. I have a serious "junk in the trunk" situation going on, and I am so glad that Ella didn't get those genes. Anywhoodle, I am fairly certain that her current obsession with skinny jeans and boots is fueled by her best friends at school. They seem to be rocking that look a lot too.

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We found a pair of jeggings that are almost as tight as she wants her skinny jeans to be, and we found the jeans she is wearing in the picture above. They have that clever adjustable waist thing going on. I had to wash the jeans in hot water and dry them on high and pull the elastic in the waistband all the way to the 5th button on each side....BUT....she has skinny jeans. Whew! If only putting that much effort into her skinny jeans would make me skinny! HAHAHAHAA!!