Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Busy Days and Nights...

The days have been painfully busy lately. Tax season is in full swing. It's good that tax season begins when the weather is crappy because if the weather was nice, I'd want to spend every last minute of my evenings and weekends in the sun with this little man.

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I will be working basically full time during tax season and return to my lazy bum hours during the off season. Tax season has been okay so far. It's definitely been busy and a lot more work than I had gotten used to, but there is a wonderful support system in place. I'm also excited that two of my friends (not like work friends, but people I was already friends with before we became coworkers) work at the same place. It makes the stress of tax season melt away to just take five and chit chat about babies or clothes.

I should get to work, so I can spend more time kissing little man's cheeks. :)