Friday, February 17, 2012

Dance Twirl Tryouts...And Me Rambling about It...

A while back we discussed that Hadley wanted to try out for the dance twirl team.  Tryouts were not too terribly long ago. She had practiced as many hours as she had slept in the three weeks leading up to tryouts. It was non-stop Cee Lo Green in our garage. I know all the words now. Sometimes, I sing it when I'm cleaning house. Mainly because it's been playing 24 hours a day for so long now that I feel the need to hear the tune even when it's no longer playing.

The day of tryouts finally arrived. I checked her out of school an hour and a half early, so we could go home and do makeup and hair before the tryouts began immediately after school. It probably wasn't an excused absence, but I'm not all that worried about it at this point in time. I have got a million problems, and one unexcused afternoon just ain't one of 'em. The weather was atrocious. It was cold and rainy, so we had to settle for a pre-tryout picture in the car.

I went ahead and walked her into the gym for tryouts. I had to get at least one more picture of her.

I even made her pose.

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The lighting in the gym is heinous...that's what Layton would call it. He's been using the word heinous a lot lately. It's like he figured out what it means and tries to use it for all sorts of things. The gym smells exactly like it did the first time I walked in more than 20 years ago. It was like stepping back in time. Someone finally decided to get rid of the heinous blue paint though. I never could figure out why the gym was blue anyway. The school's colors are black and gold. Let's paint the gym bright blue. Heinous. Damn. The spirit of Layton took over my body.

She did make the team! She was so stinking excited. The walk to the door after the names had been posted was so stressful. I thought I was going to pass out going up the stairs. I was afraid that she wouldn't make it and would be upset. I would have absolutely no clue how to console her if that happened. It's almost like I'd rather have deadbeat kids who don't do anything...there's no risk of not making the team if you don't tryout. I'm bad.