Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Early Morning Antics...

We're not really morning people here. We like to stay up late. I'm most productive late at night. The codependents are the same way. HOWEVER....

Once we all get waked up and moving, things fall into place. Including the personalities of the little two. Hadley spends the mornings taking a shower and drying her hair and trying her best to act like she's happy to be awake before noon. The other two? Well, here's what a recent morning before school was like...

Take a picture of this slow motion face slap!

Watch out, Ella! I'm going to pretend to punch you!!

I'll get you back Layton! I'll give you moose ears in the next one!!

Try and stop me from mussing your hair!!

Awww, we still love each other!!

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