Monday, February 06, 2012

A Few Answers...

When you put your entire life on the interwebs, you get questions from time to time. Some questions are asked repeatedly. So, here are the questions that you ask...and my less than stellar replies.

How do you find time to blog everyday? 

The truth? I don't. I rarely blog more than once a week. I sit down every few weeks and schedule posts for future dates. In fact, this post was written more than two weeks before you will see it on the blog. I use Picasa to keep track of my pictures, and the ones I want to blog about are saved as drafts directly from Picasa. I just click a button to make it happen. The drafts sit in my posts list until I get around to fleshing them out. Sometimes I will use the blogger app on my cell phone to "impromtu publish" a post if something strikes me as blog worthy during the the hungover, single mom at the dentist's office. She deserved a post.

Is what I see on the blog really what your family is like?

Yes. Let me repeat that. YES. My children really are as comical, messy, and unique as they seem in blog posts. The hubs said it best at a wedding last year. "Her blog is genuine. It's genuinely what the kids are like." Of course, I don't publish every story about the kids and me. I specifically choose to leave out the stories involving me melting down on the pasta aisle at Publix. Or the time I threw a tricycle out the back door. BUT, the stories about the hilarious-ness of my codependents? It's what we're like.

Do you live in Athens?

Dude, seriously. You would not believe how often someone emails or leaves a comment asking if I live in Athens because the background of some of my pictures resemble downtown Athens. "I drove through Athens once. Your downtown looks a lot like Athens. Do you live there by chance?" For the record, yes, we live in Athens, Alabama. Not Georgia. Not Greece. Alabama. Hence the grammatical errors and obvious lack of IQ points on my part. If you heard me talk, the drawl would literally make you think I am barely above functional retardation.

What kind of camera do you have?

A Canon 60D.

Why do you blog?

Honestly, it kind of started as a joke between Jay and me. I just kept doing it. Somewhere along the way I realized that I could use the blog to document my family's events and activities. It has become a scrapbook of our lives and an autobiography of sorts. It's fun to go back and read posts from years ago to see how I have changed over the years.

Do you want to be a professional blogger?

Who the hell wouldn't?!?! Sure, it would be great to sit around the house in my pajamas while the kids are at school and type blog posts all day. Realistically, probably not. The pressure of having to come up with new material all the time would freak me out! I can barely scrape together enough words to post once a day or every other day. And the words only form once or twice a month. That being said, I do like it when I am asked to do a giveaway or get paid for an ad. It's kind of fun to make a little money off my hobby.

Did you always want to have three children?

Loaded question. I get asked a lot. No, I didn't want to have any children. That didn't change for me until I actually had a child. It's true. Every time I was pregnant, I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could have happy children. If I could go back and blog my high school years, you would be shocked. I was so dang uptight and driven, and I wasn't that way because I wanted to be; it's how I thought I had to be. I spent so much time trying to be perfect and make my parents happy that I had no idea who I really was. I spent all day every day trying to fit myself into a ticky tacky box - a box I now know just can't hold someone like me. I have always been outside the box. I just didn't know it until I was grown and married and already had children. Honestly, there is a part of me that thinks it would be nice to have another child at some point, and then there is my brain screaming, "YOU FOOL! RUN!"

Is your movie knowledge really that pathetic? 

Ok, no one actually asked that question, but I threw it in for C-O-D and J. :)

Happy day, friends!!