Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Hanging Out Playing Nintendo...

These things must be laced with crack. My children are ridiculously in love with their DSI XLs. They play on them all the time. They also use the PictoChat. I think it's like text messaging software. No joke, they will "chat" while sitting next to each other.

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I have asked. Why don't you just talk? The littles tell me it is more fun to PictoChat. I'm not sure if Hadley's 3 DS has the PictoChat. The 3 DS drives me nuts. I looked at it once and got a headache in about 4 seconds flat. I've never been much of a game-type person. The hubs and kids love to play games. Just not me. I prefer to read or do something that makes me feel productive.

I love finding them curled up together playing games. It's so sweet.