Monday, February 27, 2012

Life without Me...

J is an interesting fellow. We like to joke about what his life would be like without me and the kids. He's so cheap that if we had never married, he....

...would live in a one room shanty.
...would have a space heater that he only turned on occasionally.
...would probably only have one lightbulb that also was only turned on occasionally.
...would eat tuna from a can for the majority of his meals.
...would consider a fancy night on the town a trip to Captain D's.
...would wash his clothes by hand...because that was good enough for the indians.
...wouldn't bother with AC; he would just open the door to his one room shanty and sweat.
...probably would have the world's most uncomfortable bed because it was cheap to buy.

It's true. Most of the creature comforts he enjoys are at my insistence. He is an incredibly cheap fellow. BUT for some unknown.....he would spend any amount of money to make me happy. It's impressive how much the man loves me. It's completely irrational really. The lengths to which he would go to make my life wonderful and see me smile are not logical at all.

True story. About 9 months ago or so, I was at my friend Jenny's house along with our girl Ashley. We were sitting out back drinking wine and enjoying the weather. The hour got late, and we got hungry. Jenny's husband (ironically, also called Jay) refused to go get us some Krystal. In my inebriated state, I seem to recall saying, "My J will go get it for us." I called him, and sure enough he walked through the door with a sackful sampler of grease.

Oh my word!! Can you believe I had the stones to call him at 11 o'clock at night and ask him to go buy Krystal burgers? It may have been the liquid truth serum I had been drinking. BUT STILL. I am embarrassed that I did such a thing.

Love. It ain't logic. It's just love.