Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

1. I was recently told that I act like I own the English language. If I would stop correcting my children when they use I instead of me, I might not seem like an elitist. I'm much more picky about spoken words than written words. I tend to take a liberal approach to grammar rules when I blog, but I am a stickler for commas and subject/predicate agreement in professional writings and speech.
2. I have a zit on my forehead that is HUGE.
3. Am I the only person who thinks carpet in a bathroom is a huge no-no? I've been in a couple of restrooms lately that are carpeted, and I gotta say that shiz stinks.
4. I like to wash all the grapes I buy and separate them into snack sized bags as soon as I get home with them. It makes packing lunches easier in the mornings. Plus, anytime one of us is in need of a snack, we can just grab a baggie of grapes from the refrigerator since they are ready to go.
5. Ella told me I am the skinniest mom ever. She really wants those Toms and will say anything to butter me up enough to buy them. Subterfuge. At 8.
6. There is biscuit in my hair. Hmmm. I'm noticing that I get food in my hair a lot these days. Maybe I should look a little harder at getting a haircut...or maybe I should stop doing 50 other things while I'm eating.
7. Meal planning has been a failure lately. We've been far too busy to plan ahead. I hope to get back to planning soon.
8. It was a banana peel that was stinking up my car not an apple. Soooo gross. I can't believe it took me so long to clean it up.
9. Does everyone feel as strongly about hand washing after a pit stop as I? Clearly not. Ewww. I witnessed someone who shall remain nameless go in the restroom. I heard the flush. The offender appeared not 2 seconds later. Definitely not enough time to wash. I was kind of grossed out. Actually, I went to the ladies room, scalded my hands in hot water, and repeated "I need to wash" close to 100 times. It was very Jack Nicholson.
10. Someone I work with suffers from colon rot. At least, that's what I think causes that gosh awful smell in the ladies room all day every day. I'm saying this out of concern. Someone really needs to get their business checked out because that cannot be healthy.
11. A few weeks ago, I crossed over into complete stalker-like territory. I found a website that I LOVED. I could absolutely see my friend Elizabeth in every single outfit on there! Soooo, I went full on creeper and emailed her a link to the site. I may have even used creeper as the subject. Hmmmm.
12. I finally bought some riding boots. Finally. As in. If J were forced to listen to me lust after riding boots and refuse to pay the price for another month, he would have bought me a pair of rubber, camouflage boots just to shut me up. Seriously people. I have been looking at, trying on, and pricing riding boots for close to three years now. I just couldn't bring myself to spend between $300 and $500 on a single pair of shoes. A local store (that I am convinced is selling pot out of the back, but that's another story) sells Frye boots. We go there from time to time, and I am on their email list. I got their standard junk email last week...but it started with "Boots 50% Off!" Whatdyaknow. A pair that I absolutely love was in stock, in my size, and 50% off. So I pulled the trigger and bought them. I still haven't worn them though. It's like I just want to leave them next to the dresser and look at them before I fall asleep every night. Soon. Soon I will prance around downtown in my boots.
13. It looks like a recycling center threw up on my desk. Oh wait, that's just 300 tax returns to be done. My bad.