Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-I love the show Pretty Little Liars. It is so cheese-tastic. I like to sign emails and texts with...A... just to see if anyone else watches and gets it. Please don't mock me for my choice of mindless TV, and at least my name starts with the right letter for this prank.

-I'm also very excited that I finally used my Erin Condren gift card that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas. It was a big decision to decide what to use it on! Ha!! I picked out a great piece that will come in super handy in the kitchen.

-Have you ever had so much to do that you just feel like your whole world is spiraling out of control? I've been feeling that way lately. Work is busy. The kids are keeping me busy. I just need a few days to catch my breath. Here lately, I've only been breathing on Sundays. One day a week just isn't enough.

-Does anyone want to go to the grocery store for me?

-I think people who block people (with the exception of stalkers and ex-husbands) on twitter are passive aggressive. And kind of silly too. This one chick I follow is constantly blocking people because they tweet hashtags she doesn't like. Can I just ask? Does it really bother these people to get blocked by her? I doubt it. I guess it makes her feel better to block people. I've been blocked by a few people. One was trying to piss me off. He didn't realize that I went out to celebrate that night. Grow a set, dude.

-Read Across America Week is approaching...or it may have already happened...not sure when I will get around to publishing this...I love this particular week of school because each day is filled with dress up and books.

-Hadley will stay in bed until I absolutely drag her out of it. To be honest, it is completely annoying. Some Saturdays are brutal trying to get the family out of the house for lunch because H-Dizzy still isn't awake.

-There is nothing more gut wrenching that catching up to live TV on Tivo. Honestly. I watched a show over the weekend and caught up. There was no way to fast forward through the commercials. I thought I might actually fit over it.

-There are few things sexier than an IRS audit. That is a total lie. On days when I have to deal with an audit, I actually comb my hair and brush my teeth. Both. I also have been known to wear extra deodorant.

-I am starting to get pretty excited about going to Washington DC in April. I think it will be a lot of fun!!

-I want to have a really big tweet up. That's a meet up for all of my tweethearts. I would love to get as many as possible in one location for fun and food. The odds of that happening are small though. :) Maybe I will organize one after tax season ends. Would that not be so much fun?? We could all meet somewhere exotic. Like Eppes. That was supposed to be a joke.

-I've been thinking about Easter baskets for the codependents. They have plain baskets with colored, paper straw. I'm thinking of getting them something a little cutesy this year....or making something...I'm thinking a galvanized bucket of some kind with their initials on them. The handles are the only thing tripping me up. Buckets do not have cozy handles, and I want cozy handles because I plan on making them hunt eggs until they pass out.

-I'm starving.