Friday, February 17, 2012

Soft...Ball...Yes? or No?...

Ella really wants to play softball this Spring/Summer. She's been practicing at the farm lately and keeps begging to play.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. It's a lot to take on. It would mean practice two days a week and one game a week. That seems like an awfully big commitment for me. How are we supposed to juggle everything else the children want to do? Kung fu. Piano. Baton. Riding lessons. T-Ball. Not to mention the fact that J and I both work. I promise it was easier to work when the children were babies and had no after school activities. It would be so much more manageable to be a stay at home mom these days.

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And then I look at the pictures of her practicing. She looks so sweet waiting for the ball. She was able to whack it a good bit of the time. How do you say no to that? Do any other local moms have a child about Ella's age who is going to play softball? If so, would you be interested in a car pool arrangement?