Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yo, Mommers...Watch This...

One of Layton's goals in Kung Fu is to do a cart wheel. That move is in a form (or whatever you call it), so he has to learn to do it. Even at birthday parties, he practices his wheel.

Get ready. Get Set.

He's gonna do it.

Whoa Nelly. He does it left handed even though he writes with his right hand. He's very ambidextrous much like my father was.

He obviously needs more work, but he's getting there.

Upside down. Legs sprawling. One hand on the ground. Over he's gonna go.

That's all folks.

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He'll get there one day. And really. This looks so much better than when he first tried to do it. :) He has gotten so much bigger and stronger since he started working on it that I think he'll master it soon.