Thursday, March 29, 2012

I love Momastery. I think G is hilarious, and honestly, if I were to have an opportunity to meet her, I would probably sweat like crazy and stutter and fail to string together complete sentences. Or spontaneously drop the F-bomb for no apparent reason much like a tourette syndrome afflicted individual. That happens to me a lot. Not the shouting of the F-bomb. The inability to convey my thoughts and opinions. I get all flummoxed and forget the basics. Like how to talk. Coherently. Especially when I get nervous or excited or mad. Meeting someone like G would no doubt have me flustered because she manages to be funny and brutally honest at the same time. Like her post about being arrested. I love the fact that she accepts that she was personally responsible for the messes she made in the past and doesn't blame anyone or anything. If only more people would accept their flaws instead of blaming their spouse or upbringing or the other motorist or whatever...


The other day, I was reading her post when I realized that she put this phrase out there:

Hey World- You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Clearly, G and I are sympatico because I have said this so many times to my children. I mainly use it when I put dinner on the table. The codependents luuurrve to complain about what I decide to prepare for dinner. The rule regarding dinner is plain and simple at my house. You can either eat it when I put it on the table or go hungry. I will not prepare a second dinner in two hours. I ask them what they want to eat; there is rarely an answer. I cook whatever I decide to cook. I tell them they should have told me what they wanted to eat up front. That's far too easy though. The codependents would rather not tell me what they want to eat and then spend the entire time I'm eating dinner telling all about how they hate whatever I cooked. My reply is always the same.

You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.

I'm southern so fit and get rhyme. Just in case anyone North of the Mason Dixon happens to wonder.