Sunday, March 18, 2012

J in a Wig...

From the day she was born, we all thought that Ella looked so much like J. She definitely looks more like he than I. The thing that people said when she was young was that she looks like "J in a wig." As she has gotten older, she has started to resemble me a little bit more, but every now and then I look at her and cannot help but notice how much like J she is. When I saw her playing on Layton's phone (IE J's old iphone that we let Layton have to use as an ipod touch for playing angry birds), I smiled and thought how she even sits like J.

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I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen J sit exactly like this with the same amount of concentration on his face. Her whole little person is covered with his mannerisms. It's amazing what DNA can do.

Side Bar: Ella doesn't sleep under her covers very often. She mostly sleeps on top of the covers with a blanket pulled over her. I asked her why. The answer? "You tell me everyday to make up my bed. I don't want to make up my bed, so I sleep on top of the covers." This is soooooooo J. After J heard about that exchange, he said, "You're right. That is exactly something I would do." Mama Kaye said the same thing. DNA. It has to control more than just what we look like.