Thursday, March 08, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-If you use the word sequence instead of sequins, I might actually laugh at you. Out loud. Here's the thing. I follow this one celebrity (on twitter) who is supposedly "fashion forward." She was tweeting her opinions of the dresses on the red carpet at the Oscars. She kept using sequence. I was half tempted to reply...You do realize that the word is sequins not sequence, right? Girlfriend may know how to put together a nice outfit, but...

-If you have seen my car lately, I apologize for the terrible mess. I also apologize for the fact that there is a 3 inch layer of scum and grime on the outside of it. I really should have the Volv-Ro washed and vacuumed soon. Maybe on my lunch date one day this week....

-I have always wanted to be called for jury duty. I have never once been called. J has been called more than once. I was so jealous. He was that guy in the back of the room calculating his statistical odds of being chosen the whole time. If I ever did get called for jury duty, it would be my luck that it would be a media sensation type of trial, and I'd be sequestered for six months in a bad hotel.

-I have a window in my office. This is fantastic. I didn't have one at my old job.

-My breath is rank. I ate some tomato, cucumber salad stuff (some call it tomato cucumber vinaigrette, others call it fire and ice salad), and I am smelling razzy.

-Hadley's headphones are broken. I'm not sure how she broke them, but she did. In 12 year old girl world, this is a major ordeal.

-There may or may not be hot dog funk on my shirt right now. Ewww.

-Layton accused a bunny rabbit of being able to kill him. Then, he told Carla to "take one more picture." He also told Ella to "focus on what you're doing" when it was her turn to hold the bunny. Everyone in the room was slightly amused by his use of the phrase. I was slightly embarrassed.

-Hadley went to a baby shower this past weekend for her twirling coach. You should have seen her trying to pick out a present; she was fantastically uninterested in baby products.

-Every time I use the word embarrassed, I think of a young man named Clint. We went to Mexico together many moons ago. This is probably a TMI story, but you're going to read it anyway. This other gal whose name I will withhold had to go in the worst way. Seeing as how we were stuck in traffic beside a field, she got out of the van to go. Another gal accompanied her with a blanket to hold up for privacy. The blanket wasn't held low enough though, and we could all see her bare ass sticking out. Someone in the van made the comment that she would be so embarrassed. Clint replied, "Well she may not be the em, but she sure is the rest of it." It was one of those moments that made me laugh ridiculously hard, and I have never forgotten the way he said it with his southern drawl. Clint, if you happen to ever read my blog, that was the funniest moment of the trip for me.

-Speaking of Mexico. I loved every moment I spent there. The people were so kind and joyous even though they had nothing. I would love to go back, but with three children it isn't feasible for me to jaunt off to Mexico to build houses in the Summer. Actually, I would love to take all three of my children on a trip like that. They are so accustomed to the instant gratification of life these days that I think it would be a life changing experience. It was life changing for me each and every time, but the first time was definitely the most moving. I was young and had seen pictures, but pictures did not prepare me for the poverty I witnessed. Even now, 17 years later, the images are so vivid in my mind.

-I am on Pinterest, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't get into it. If you're not on Pinterest and need an invite, hit me with an email. I'll send you one. I just won't pin much. :)

-I still haven't had a hair cut. Haven't even scheduled one. I'll get around to it eventually.

-I caved and bought Ella a pair of Tom's. When I told her that I ordered them, her whole body squealed with joy. She checked for a package everyday after that even though I told her I was tracking the package and knew when it would arrive. There was no stopping her.