Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Before I Go Cray Cray...

-Layton crawled in the bed with me earlier this week. He hugged me and kissed my face and said, "You are the best Mommy a boy could have." I pretty much gave him whatever he wanted for the next three days.

-There is a Sonic cup in the backseat of my car. It's been there for almost a month. I probably won't get around to throwing it away until tax season is over. I might not even throw it away then. It's become a lovely addition to the family. Every morning we go through a checklist on the way to school. I say, "Backpack," and the kids say, "check." Lunchbox. Check. Tennis shoes. Check. Sonic Cup. Check. I think I'll name him Teddy. Yes, he's a boy.

-Speaking of tax season. It really hasn't been too bad. This new job is seriously spoiling me. Yes, I have worked more than I did outside of tax season, but I haven't been too stressed and have managed to get a good bit completed. I know that I haven't put in near the hours that some employees have put in, but I also know that the new job has afforded me so much more flexibility and a higher quality of life. Suuhhhweeet. My boss might not be able to get rid of me. Even if he fired me, I'd probably still show up there the next day. I'm that happy with my job.

-Can I ask where you all stand on gifts and what happens to them later? That didn't make sense. Ok, I'll try again. Let's say you give someone you love an expensive gift and later found out the gift was sold for cash. Would you be upset? What if it were something really generous, say, a washer and dryer? Let's take the scenario to an even more absurd level. Let's say you lend something to someone you care about. Not a gift. A "borrow this until" situation. Only later you find out the borrowed item was sold for cash. Would you be upset?

-I've been trying out the Dove deodorant that is supposed to help reduce how often you have to shave your pits. I can't tell a difference. I still have 5 o'clock shadow fifteen minutes after I get out of the shower freshly shaved. And. It doesn't help with the BO much. I have had catastrophic deodorant failure way too many times lately. Time to go back to Lady Mitchum. The container says "So Effective You Could Skip a Day." Totes true. Best deo ever. I want to french kiss the scientist who invented it.

-There is no hope for my hair. It is a mess and will stay that way. About 15 years ago, I cut it all off and went pixie. It was so easy to maintain. I'm debating doing it again. Must have input from the hubs first...Or I can keep the scary banshee thing going a while longer. A gal at work asked me if I got a hair cut. I had to tell her no. I just happened to have actually brushed it that morning. That was not completely serious by the way. I do brush my hair every day. I have to. It's curly but frizzes so badly that I never wear it curly.

-This "Dancing with the Stars" business I keep hearing it a good show? I remember telling myself to watch a while back (maybe it was a few years ago) when the Beatle's one legged ex-wife was going to be on it. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that watching a one legged woman dance almost got me to watch a TV show. I am so tragically mean.

-I might spend my entire lunch hour walking downtown. I love downtown and haven't gotten to spend much time there this busy season. If weather permits, I'm going to sit on the courthouse lawn and eat my lunch and then walk and window shop.

-Ooooo, that reminds me, if you happen to live here and go in Pimento's today and happen to make a purchase, tell them it's for the hospital. The owner of Pimento's is graciously donating a percentage of all the money she makes to the movement for a new cardiac wing at the hospital. Our hospital definitely needs this, so it's a great cause. Shannon (the owner) is also allowing people to buy items at wholesale to put in the silent auction. If you happen to need a mother's day gift....

-Do you ever feel like you are in a state of hyper alertness? What I mean is that every day someone tries to raise my awareness...breast cancer...autism...ovarian cancer...texting while driving...genocide...Be aware...I feel like I am becoming too aware...or too bombarded with things to be aware about...maybe I should step away from the Today show...Damn you, Ann Curry.

-Layton announced that he wants to be a director when he grows up. He then proceeded to give me the plot of his first movie. It was all boy. Full of farts and belches and falls.

-Ella wanted to buy a TV dinner at the grocery store the other night. It was a Weight Watcher's pasta dish. In vodka sauce. I have no idea what attracted her to this. She asked me (in a REALLY loud voice), "Mommy, what is vodka?" Hadley replied, "It's like beer Ella. Mommy only drinks it with orange juice." My face turned so red. Another mother who happened to have her two small children with her looked at me, smiled, and said, "A trip to Publix with the kids makes me buy vodka too." Needless to say, I scurried my little ones to another isle as quickly as possible.

-Facebook. Makes me feel dirty. There are just some things I shouldn't know about the people in my community, but all the info is right there on Facebook staring at me. Sometimes, I have to say ewww.

-I have been working on a tax return that has WAY too much going on. Lots of work and schedules. I told a coworker I'd give her $50 to finish it. She wouldn't take it. So I told my boss I'd give him $50 to finish it. No dice. That's all that's left the last week or two of tax season...the crazy difficult, labor intense, hours upon hours of work, three inch thick tax returns. I'd just about kill for a 1040A right now.

-Peace out, friends. Catch ya after the deadline.