Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At Least I'm Not a Lohan...

-I was in the car driving to work. I was also rocking out. To a One Direction song. It hit me part way through that I only knew the words to a teenage smash because a bus load of tweens had spent 16 hours singing it on a bus in DC. I immediately changed stations and was mortified.

-Have I ever mentioned my obsession with true crime? It's so tacky. I have read way tooooo many unsolved crime stories and way tooooooo many stories regarding uber villains. When I read the one about Richard Ramirez, I couldn't even sleep. For real people. I called J. Like, I was in bed and scared silly, so I called J who was on his computer. I used the telephone and everything. I had to beg him to come sit with me a while because I was convinced ole Richard was going to get us any minute. J has banned me from reading true crime novels, etc.

-I am wearing pants that are too small today. It's most uncomfortable to have to suck in all day long. I don't recommend it. I ran into two ladies earlier in the day and one of them was saying that her pants were also too small. The other lady said, "It means you need to get your fat butt walking again." I love the fact that those two are such good friends. I love the fact that they had a nice visit with me even though we had never met before then.

-I feel dreadful. An enchanting head cold has been making the rounds at my house. I just happen to be the last person to catch it. I should actually be over it soon, but today, I am just not feeling well. I'm tired. And cranky.

-Layton is just about the coolest dude I have ever met. The other day I asked him, "Layton, what are you doing?" to which he replied, "Being awesome." I had to tweet it because I almost peed myself a little I laughed so hard.

-Let me just pause here and say that I definitely believe that evolution holds weight. If you don't happen to support evolution, adaptation, natural selection, whatever you choose to call it, please come help me clean out my car this weekend. The impressive amounts of fungus growing on the floorboard and the new species of insects living on them will no doubt make you scream, "DARWIN."

-Whenever I am feeling down, I remind myself that I'm not a Lohan. That would REALLY suck.