Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Goodness...

Hadley. She is a hot mess. She has kept me on my toes lately with activities. She plays the flute in the middle school band, and they recently traveled to Atlanta for a festival. We tagged along. In our own car. I could not have handled another four hours on a bus. And because we're fun like that.

As soon as the program was over, the littles wanted to find Hadley and give her a hug. Notice Layton's fro below. Bless her. You could tell that I had dropped her off at school at 6:00AM to get on the bus.

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On a side note. When we took her bag to school, there were people looking inside of each child's bag before it could be placed in the pile to go under the bus. I understand that this was probably to check for contraband and safety hazards, but it did not give me the warm fuzzies. I was not pleased that some woman that I had never met was handling my child's underwear. Literally. I bit my tongue and didn't make a scene, but I was sorely tempted to throw a fit. Let me ask you. Would you be upset if someone was manhandling your child's underoos?