Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-My babies make me laugh so hard every single day. Layton has a response for everything. He currently loves to tell me that he is "googolplex plus nine awesome." Try explaining what a googol is to a six year old. Then try to explain a googolplex. I'm not even entirely sure where he heard about it, but it has become a staple in his vocabulary. He wants a googol of beyblades. I tried to explain to him that I would have to be a gazillionaire to buy that many; he didn't care. He said, "You have a job." HAHAHAHAHA!

-I had a salad for lunch the other day. It consisted of arugula, spinach, boiled egg whites, and tomatoes. It was not satisfying at all. I really wanted to climb across the table and eat my coworkers potato chips...bag and all. I realize I need to focus on the healthy food (see the item a few down), so I ate it. Begrudgingly.

-Yes. I only eat egg whites. I have never cared much for the yolk. Even for breakfast I do not eat the yolk. I like scrambled egg whites or fried egg whites. The only way I can tolerate an egg yolk is if it is cooked into something so that I cannot taste in a pie or cookie or cake...

-School's out for Summer! Love the song. Hate the reality of it. School's out. I'm not big on Summer vacation. My little crew just operates better when we have a schedule. Summer = No schedule. Pajamas until 3:00...too much TV...boredom sets in about 4 days in for the trying to come up with activities and camps they can also means more time to cuddle...more time outside...

-Twice in the last week I was asked when my baby is due. On one of those occasions I was wearing a semi-tight shirt, and I really don't think I looked pregnant. Apparently, I did. I didn't want either of the ladies to feel like they hurt my feelings since I am very, very not-pregnant, so I said, "December." PSA: Unless a woman looks 60 seconds shy of delivery, don't ask when she is due; she might not even be pregnant. I don't understand why people continue to ask. Shouldn't we all know by now that it is dangerous to ask a woman when her baby is due? Clearly, I need to eat more arugula.

-Allow me to say that I am ready for really, really skinny jeans to be out of style. For those of us with lots of curves and cankles, skinny jeans are a pure and simple No-No.  There are no ankles on me because I am blessed with DNA that affords me cankles. Even when I was skinny and weighed around 100 pounds, I still had cankles and would not have been able to pull off skinny jeans. And now? I wouldn't dream of stuffing my business into the ultra-skinny jeans I see around town...because the jeans would no longer qualify as skinny once I found a pair big enough to fit over my hips...they would look more like bell bottoms.

-While at the soccer field (at the last game), there was this dad who kept yelling to his child. "Farley, Farley, look at the ball Farley." No, the child's name wasn't actually Farley, but I try not to call out the actual names of folks on the ole blog. People don't appreciate it. Anyway, poor Farley kept turning to look at his dad each time dad yelled his name...and dad would harp, "Keep your eye on the ball." Whenever someone calls my name, I tend to look for the person. You? So, why is it that dad kept yelling the kid's name but wanted the kid to look at the ball? Really? Why was dad surprised that Farley took his eyes off the ball to look at him upon hearing his name called? It lasted the whole game. J and I chuckled about it a few times.

-My dad wanted to name my brother Farley Upton. Don't even act like you are not laughing.

-I had a bit of a sunless tanning snafu. Ok, we'll just go ahead and call it the "FAIL" that it is. My feet are somewhat blotchy. Maybe I'll get better at it if I keep trying to use it. Since my regular complexion is somewhat Twilight-esque, I thought I might be able to look a little more healthy with a bit of a warm glow. Any helpful suggestions? That don't involve tanning beds? Or wearing bathing suits? :)