Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, I've been doing some thinking. This is always a dangerous thing for me to do. :)

-My finger is looking so much better. It's sort of sloped now and will look just fine after it is all healed. You probably won't even notice that a chunk is gone. I still have to keep it covered up though. I'm down to wrapping it in two band aids instead of half a box. I slept without a band aid the other night and regretted it as soon as I got out of bed. #supersensitive Did I just hashtag something on my blog? Why, yes I did.

-I ordered new underwear. Probably too much information, but it was cause for celebration for me. Here's the thing. The shipping was $17 freaking dollars! I paid it though because I would have spent that much on gas driving to Victoria's Secret and having to eat at the fancy outdoor mall because without fail one of the nuggets would be starving as soon as we arrived at Bridgestreet. Not to mention the fact that Layton would have had to use the bathroom...ick...I'd rather pay the shipping than take him in a public restroom. I pawn that duty off on J as often as possible. Heck, I paid my dues with the two girls before Layton came along. I'm evil.

-I think it is time for a Tweetup of epic proportions. I am inviting all my tweethearts to gather soon. Details will follow, but if you are on twitter, be prepared for dinner and drinks in two-ish weeks. :)

-My pants are too big. At least, that's what I've been told today. I think they fit just fine, but it seems that  I have been wearing ill fitting pants for the majority of my life. My friend Kim talked me into buying a pair of jeans...I wanted to go one size bigger...she told me not to... J loves the jeans on me...I am horribly self aware when I wear them because I swear they are too small.

-I am feeling slightly swamped here lately. There have been so many things to do and places to go. In the last 15 days I have been to Washington DC, Nashville twice, Huntsville, Atlanta, Hartselle, Madison, and the usual places I go in a day for drop offs, pick ups, and whatnot. I've also had a couple of social functions and work to juggle with all of this. I just need a minute or two to breathe deep and relax. Or I need to figure out how to make an IV drip out of Mountain Dew.

-Some kind of bug has bitten me. In an almost unmentionable place. I had to ask a coworker to "look at my a$$ without laughing" the other day. Seriously. I think it might be a spider bite. It's about the size of a half dollar. If it's still there in a week or two, I'll go see a doctor.

-I follow a chick on twitter who is quite possibly the most ridiculous human being I have ever encountered. Every day is filled with nausea, don't know what to eat, "I'm a professional photographer," belly dancing (note: this is not a woman you want to see in any form of undress), GAH, >:(, "you're so sexist," say no to fat shame....It is almost unbelievable. I have tried to stop following her, but it is so entertaining to see what crazy crap she will come up with next. It's like her tweets are heroin. Bad for me, but so addicting....not in a good way. Most ridiculous human being ever. Wait, there was that one woman who stopped me in a store and told me not to use a Clorox Bleach Pen on colored clothes. No joke, the woman told me the story of how she used one on her daughter's stained clothes, and that it took the color right out of the garment. I didn't bother trying to explain to her. I see her from time to time around town, and every time I think to myself....Really? You were surprised that a bleach pen bleached your clothes?

-I am considering a spray tan. With my luck I would just look oompa loompa orange, but as a coworker and I were saying the other day....Orange is so hot right now...that Hanson. I'm doing my best Blue Steel right now. You know you want to do it too. We'll get spray tans and Magnum our way all over town. I can't help it. Zoolander cracks me up every time. It's SOOOOOO bad that it's hilarious.

-Catch ya later. I've got stuff to do.