Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Walk Like Layton...

When you least expect it, Layton will bust out his Egyptian walk. He thinks it's so clever. He also thinks it's clever to wear brown socks with his black tennis shoes. Oh well. I let him sport that look. I just don't have the time to duke it out with him over socks. He also has some curious looking green socks with frogs on them. Those socks look especially bizarro with his Geox.

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This picture was outside the room where Hadley's band performed in a recent festival. Yeah, we hung around waiting to enter and dancing (quite literally, Layton danced) to the music of the band before H-Dizzy's.

There is one thing I would like to address. I have never felt the need to be anonymous or secretive about my identity or whereabouts on this blog. If you really wanted to come for a visit, everything you need to know to track me down is on this blog. It has always been my personal policy that I do not blog about events and locations "live." What I mean is that if we go to the park, a picture of it will not show up on the blog that same hour or day. I have always felt it was safer for my children if the whole world didn't know exactly what we were up to when we were up to it. Does that make sense? I don't mind sharing where we have been, but I don't want to divulge every detail of where we are going.

Heck, if Pervy McPerverson wanted to try and coax my children into his pedo-van, all he would have to do is check the blog to find out exactly what each child's interests and whereabouts are. That is not okay, and I have no clue how I let that slip past me. No Pervs have tried to coax my children, and I don't want Pervs to try to coax my children.

That being said...within the last few months though, I have become concerned about putting too much information "out there." From this point forward, I will be more (much more) selective about what information is public. It's okay to shoot the messenger. :)