Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You...

There has been a blog movement that I have thought about participating in for several, several weeks. I have debated whether or not I would really publish a post.

I heard about it on Creature Comforts. I read quite a few blogs, and women listed the things they have been afraid to put out there for the world to read. I do feel there is a gap between what (a lot of) mom bloggers put in their posts each day and what really happens in their lives each day. No hardwood floor is always spotless, but one rarely sees a dust bunny in a blog post. Look at my beautiful home. Look at my impeccable children. Do you like my shiny car? These are the yummy cookies I made for a treat. Check out this faboosh baby shower I threw. BUT. I don't care how perfect your blog makes you look; your turds stink the same as mine. Ya know what I mean?

There are certain things that I do not put on the blog. Most of those things are intensely private and do not belong in my public space. Some of those things are sacred. Only for me. And then...there are those things that even though I would love to say them, I don't. Until now.

- There are clothes in my closet that I have never worn. Expensive, nice things. I buy them but can never bring myself to wear them. For example. I have a gorgeous dress from Anthropologie that I have never worn because it is sleeveless, and it hangs in my closet tags and all. Two years after I bought it.

- I hang on to guilt even worse than my thighs hang on to ice cream. In 1994 I inadvertently helped with a joke that hurt a classmate's feelings and embarrassed her beyond all reason. Let's leave it at that because I am long-winded. Eighteen years later. I feel guilt. I know I should have told her what actually happened that night. I know there is a million to one chance she reads my blog, but just in case...Jennifer, I am sorry, and I wish I had told you eighteen years ago. Nope, still feel guilty.

- I have a crippling lack of self confidence. Crippling might not even be a strong enough word for it. I think of myself like Chinet. Cheap, plain, disposable, only allowed at the dinner table because you don't want to fool with it later. Occasionally, it comes in handy to not suffer from an inflated sense of self worth. I try very hard to appear confident and strong, and maybe I have been able to fool some of you over the years. The brutal truth is that I am paralyzed by my insecurities and always have been.

- I have not spoken to my younger sister in almost a year. I don't know if we will ever speak to one another again. Sometimes, the hurt is just too big for words.

- I am pro-choice. Emphatically so. I am also in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Emphatically so. I do not believe that something must be biblically justifiable to also be legally justifiable. Morality cannot be successfully legislated in my opinion. The majority of the blogs I follow are written by Stay-at-Home, Christian mothers. I would guess that most are Baptist. I would guess that the majority of the people who follow my blog are also Christian mothers. I would also guess that I will lose a good number of followers because I decided to "come out" as someone who does not believe that religious beliefs should dictate the law.

- Ok. This is kind of silly, but I have never, ever confessed this on the blog for fear of what others might say. I have a tattoo. It's in a place where no one ever sees it. In fact, I could wear a bathing suit, and you still wouldn't see it. If I ever wore a bathing suit. Ha! I think J is the only person who has ever heard me talk about when I got it and why. Truthfully, the when and why fall into a sacred category, but nonetheless, I have ink. Do I regret it? Sometimes. Other times, I am acutely aware of what it did for me at the time and know that it was actually an experience that I needed to have.

This list barely brushes the surface of things I'd love to put on the blog but don't. Maybe I will work up the courage to post more things over time. I would love for my blog to have so much transparency that it aches. That's a dangerous thing to want. Everyone looks awful under a microscope.

Hobby without the Lobby...

Hobbies. Free Time. Those are the kinds of things I am supposed to tell you about today. I googled "free time."  It's this neat concept of not having anything to do!! There was a caveat that clued me in to the fact that free time is only for people who don't have a gaggle of children and a job. Hmmm.

This blog is pretty much my only hobby. I don't craft or sew or make adorable hats for babies. When I do have free time, I mostly spend it sitting on my enormous rear end and catch up on TV shows I have on Tivo. Ahh. Tivo. He's my best friend. But. Do not confuse him with my boyfriend, Roomba. He cleans the floors for me. Tivo relaxes me. Roomba cleans for me. I love my electronic friends. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stalking You and You Stalking Me...

Today's topic for the comment challenge is all about social media. Twitter, google+, instagram, facebook, etc. I prefer to think of it as ways to digitally stalk my favorite people on the planet. Sure, they may not know that I exist, but I know where they are and what they are doing at all times. Ha!

You can stalk me on Twitter, or google +...actually, it probably wouldn't do much good to stalk me on google +; I rarely update it. I'm on instagram, but I haven't done anything with it yet. If you really want to find me, my user name is amandamromine. I also have a personal facebook page.

Hey, if you decide to leave a comment, please leave your blog info as well, so I can visit you too! :)

Dorito Face...

I love Dorito face. That's what I call it when you've been chowing down on some processed, cheesy, deliciousness, and the evidence is all around your mouth. :)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Do I Blog?...

Today's topic for the commenting challenge is about my blog. Why do I blog? What do I blog about? Etc.

I started blogging several {6} years ago. Originally, the idea for starting a blog was just an inside joke between me and the hubs and our good friend C-O-D. I was feeling inspired one day and did it. Then, it kind of became something that I did a little bit more often. By 2009, the blog started to take on more of a diary/scrapbook for me. I love to look back at all the pictures and read about what we were doing five years ago. It's a part of my life now. I have made connections with other bloggers and have watched their families grow just as they have watched mine grow.

I mostly blog about the things we do as a family or the things I take the children to do. I blog about the things I love and the things I hope to accomplish. I also like to get all the random thoughts out of my head from time to time. I sometimes like to blog about some of the more challenging conversations I have had with my children. Some day, I will be grateful that I actually made note of the fiasco of 2012. Occasionally, I get a little bit fired up and rant and rave. I try to avoid religion and politics if I can. I'm more of a mindless fluff kind of blogger.

There is no homeschooling advice here. I openly admit that being a mom is a huge struggle for me; therefore, I take full advantage of government subsidized daycare (read as: public school).

There are no recipes here, but I think I might throw one out there from time to time in the future. Especially, some of my gluten-free recipes. The hubs and girls have not made a single comment about pancakes tasting strange in probably a year. To me, that says that I have perfected gluten-free pancakes. Gluten-free biscuits? Not so much.

I have grown to love my blog. This is my space where I can say whatever I want whether it's right or wrong or somewhere in between. This is my little corner of the Internet. I like it here.

Life Jackets, Hot Dogs, and My Jeans...

Layton is completely obsessed with his life jacket. He has worn it the past few times he's gone swimming even though I think he can swim just enough to be safe without a floatie-thing-a-ma-bob. He insist on wearing it though. He told me he wants it to be good and broken in before we take him tubing at the river again. Speaking of tubing at the it just me, or does being at the river all day make you want a grilled hot dog something fierce?
Anyway....Here's Layton breaking in his new life jacket.

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And yes, I was probably wearing jeans. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Seriously, My Ovaries Need to Be Removed...

This is Brooke. She is adorable. She makes me miss the days of having a little one. She gave me smiles and by the time the day was over, she gave me a little bit of baby love.

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She does not make me miss the days of having a little one enough to actually have another little one though. :) I just hope my ovaries understand that the season of having babies is over. :)

Are You Talking to Me?...

For the past several years, my sweet, blogger friend Jenna has hosted a commenting challenge. I have loved it every year! It's a great way to make new bloggy friends and to learn even more about the bloggers you do follow.

Today's topic is: All About Me. No, seriously. Sooooo, I'm going to leap out there and tell you things you may or may not know about me. I am the one in the middle laughing her head off. My three children (Hadley, Ella, and Layton) are my codependents and my obsession. The hubs (J) is my main artery.

I love to have a good time and be happy. It's possible that the easiest way to get to know me is through Twitter. So I'll keep it simple.

My Twitter Bio: Bio? Hmmm. I am a wife and mother. I live in Alabama. Things I love: my children, husband, lip gloss, my keurig, twitter, my blog, pancakes, Amazon.

If I had more space when I crafted that oh-so-poetic profile, I would have added things like hot tea, zulily, travel, cheesy books, central heating and air (Hello? I live in Alabama. You do not want to be here without central heating and air), downtown Athens, good wine, food, all food, shoes, campfires, laughter...I think laughter is my favorite thing of all time. I love to laugh.

Is there anything you would like to know about me? Feel free to ask. :)


This totally made me laugh.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nope, They Are Never Over the Top...

This face appeared in the garden at the farm one day. This face was amazed and shocked and definitely over the top. We're full of over the top faces at my house.

What caused this face was the zucchini that Ella had just picked. I think it is the biggest one the two littles have seen this year, and so Layton looked a little surprised by its size.

I cooked it. :)
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Does It Look Odd to You?...

Here lately, my pictures have looked grainy to me when I upload them. I am unsure if it is just me, or if everyone who reads (Hi J) sees grainy pictures too. Since this is not only my blog but my personal scrapbook as well, please tell me. Does this picture look odd to you?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary... does your garden grow?

It grows large and full and taller than the little codependents who love to pick squash and zucchini. They split a pair of gloves, so that each child has one gloved hand. They take turns being the picker and the bucket holder.

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And Mama Kaye and I sit and laugh about how they are doing all the work for us! HA!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What to Do When Hobbies Are Boring?...

The littles find lots of ways to deal with boredom....especially in stores that aren't really fun for little kids. I don't think the employees appreciated the half hour of microphone play, but Ella and Layton had a blast.

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The Library...

Not too long ago, I took Ella and Layton to the library. Layton had been on a field trip there and wanted his own library card. The others have one, so he is the last babe to get a card. It took him every bit of 10 minutes to review and sign his application. He has signed the back of his card already and used it once.

We don't go to the library often. We tend to buy a lot of books or get them on one of the three kindles in our house. During the school year the children use the school library. Truth be told, the instant gratification of technology has put a damper on our library visits. It's a shame too. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are of the time I spent in one of two libraries. The one that was closest to my house (when I was a girl) is the one I took the children to. I wasn't allowed to cross the busy street at the end of my neighborhood growing up. I did it anyway and would sneak to the library. It's a miracle I didn't get run over; I loved books that much though. I loved the Houston Memorial Library because it is rumored to be haunted. My parents had to drive me to that one though, so I frequented it less often.

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Layton was not too happy when I told him that he had to keep the books in order. He wanted to spread them all out and dive in to pick what he wanted to check out. Unfortunately, I have forgotten about 85% of what I knew about the Dewey Decimal System and wasn't able to fully explain it to him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piles of Smiles...

We're not piling up like this today.

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But we're still smiling.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like I Said...

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We had already stomped in the water before we saw the signs asking us not to. Oh well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

That Sign Should Have Been Posted on Both Sides...

So, remember that sign stating no wading or swimming?...

Well, maybe there should be more than one.

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In all truthfulness, I had already let Layton walk in the stream to wash the mud off his shoes before we saw the sign.

We felt kind of bad about it once we saw the sign.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Confessions...A-Ro Style...

-Do not be alarmed if I find a way to use "heretofore" in a conversation with you. It is my goal to work that word into as many conversations as possible thenceforward. That one too.

-I feel like I have no need to ever read a single word of the Bible again. Hear me out. I joined the Fakebook, whoops, Facebook a little more than a year and a half ago. I think. Since then I have been greeted by different scriptures as friends statuses (stati??) on a daily basis. On my beloved Twitter timeline, I am greeted with scriptures and devotions tweeted by friends daily. Ergo, I have read more of the Bible in the last eighteen months than I probably did in the eighteen years preceding this point in time.

-Blouse or Shirt or Top? I just have to ask. What makes a shirt a blouse? What makes a blouse a top? I think it might actually be different for everyone. I think the hard and fast rule that a blouse is more cinched at the waist and blouses out might be a thing of the past.  I feel certain that I am wearing a blouse today. A coworker commented that she likes my blouse. Another coworker commented that she likes my top. Fashion is an area where I definitely need some help; I have never had much flair in the fashion department. I think we've discussed the fact that I have spent the majority of my life dressing like an old maid. For the fashion challenged like myself, someone, please tell me, for the love of chiffon, is there a rule for when it's a shirt/blouse/top, etc.?

-Toward the end of the school year, a teacher at the elementary school referred to me as Layton's "grandmother." I have not yet gotten over the urge to call her "fat" in retort. It is childish; I know. Still though...the woman called me a grandmother!!!! Dear me, I am making an appointment with my dermatologist and Ella's plastic surgeon STAT...if I look old enough to be a grandmaw now, how will I look when I am actually a grandmaw?!?!??!?! Actually, this particular teacher and I do not get along; I think she said it just to be spiteful and rude. Would it really be that wrong for me to call her fat?

-For the record, if any of my grandchildren (when I have some thirty years from now. Ha!), even think about calling me Granny, Grandmaw, Memaw, Nana, whatever, my children can forget about ever calling me to babysit. I would rather be called Amanda. Seriously. No flair. No cutesy names. Just Amanda.

-The pictures disappeared from my post about the vegetable garden at school. I will have to fix that soon. Ok, I fixed it. Can you see the pictures now? Or have I only fixed it for me?

-Hadley and I went to Zumba the other night. It was the first time I had been to Zumba in ages. Truth be told, I've been seriously busy between the kids and work and a few other personal things for so long, that getting to the gym had fallen to the bottom of my priorities. It's time to kick things up a notch.

-I have 35 emails between work and personal that I have yet to respond to....from today...alone.

-I don't like almonds. I don't like dark chocolate either. J lurves almonds, so I buy them for him. Layton lurves dark chocolate, so I buy it for him. I throw up a little in my mouth every time. Almonds literally make me feel sick when I eat them. I mean that. I actually feel like I am going to barf when I eat almonds. Sometimes, I eat them anyway to avoid being rude to a host/hostess. It would probably be more rude if I hurled on their living room rug though. I've been pondering why foods tastes good to some and yucky to others. J and I both love a lot of the same foods. There are others that we drastically disagree about. Why do I like poppyseeds and J hates them? Why does he like salmon, and I loathe it? Well, I can eat it if it's in some kind of dip, but that's it. Salmon as a meal? Ain't gonna happen for A-Ro. Put a few pounds of crab legs in front of us, and J and I will devour them. Hmmmm. I think I'll do some research on taste buds this week.

-Turtleneck buddy - I see you. It's okay. We can be covered together. :)

Balancing Act...

Life has become a careful balancing act. Trying to balance mothering my children, work, housework, volunteering, and marriage is not an easy task. There are times when I feel like I am sinking. There are other times when I feel like a superhero for accomplishing as much as I do in a day.

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Honestly, I keep thinking it will get easier. I tell myself that tomorrow will be easier...that I will figure it all out and be the mom who has the answers for how to juggle it all. I don't know if anyone ever figures out how to do it all and still look like Donna Reed at the end of the day. Most days I look pretty scary by the time the day is over. Scary might be an understatement. My hair is frizzy, there is no makeup left on my face, there are stains on my clothes, and I'm flat out smelly. No, I do not greet J at the door with a fresh coat of lipstick and wearing pearls. Sometimes my children's toenails are dirty and untrimmed. Sometimes the children skip a bath. Sometimes I go days on end without shaving my legs. The bathrooms are not always clean. There are dust bunnies under the table. BUT. We have dinner every night and start each day with clean clothes. No one goes hungry. No one goes without a hug and kiss. There is no lack of love even if my carpet is stained. What more do I really need to accomplish?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012