Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hobby without the Lobby...

Hobbies. Free Time. Those are the kinds of things I am supposed to tell you about today. I googled "free time."  It's this neat concept of not having anything to do!! There was a caveat that clued me in to the fact that free time is only for people who don't have a gaggle of children and a job. Hmmm.

This blog is pretty much my only hobby. I don't craft or sew or make adorable hats for babies. When I do have free time, I mostly spend it sitting on my enormous rear end and catch up on TV shows I have on Tivo. Ahh. Tivo. He's my best friend. But. Do not confuse him with my boyfriend, Roomba. He cleans the floors for me. Tivo relaxes me. Roomba cleans for me. I love my electronic friends. :)