Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Library...

Not too long ago, I took Ella and Layton to the library. Layton had been on a field trip there and wanted his own library card. The others have one, so he is the last babe to get a card. It took him every bit of 10 minutes to review and sign his application. He has signed the back of his card already and used it once.

We don't go to the library often. We tend to buy a lot of books or get them on one of the three kindles in our house. During the school year the children use the school library. Truth be told, the instant gratification of technology has put a damper on our library visits. It's a shame too. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are of the time I spent in one of two libraries. The one that was closest to my house (when I was a girl) is the one I took the children to. I wasn't allowed to cross the busy street at the end of my neighborhood growing up. I did it anyway and would sneak to the library. It's a miracle I didn't get run over; I loved books that much though. I loved the Houston Memorial Library because it is rumored to be haunted. My parents had to drive me to that one though, so I frequented it less often.

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Layton was not too happy when I told him that he had to keep the books in order. He wanted to spread them all out and dive in to pick what he wanted to check out. Unfortunately, I have forgotten about 85% of what I knew about the Dewey Decimal System and wasn't able to fully explain it to him.