Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Veggie Tales...and Veggie Theft...

Why was Ella pumped? She was pumped because the plants in the school garden are beginning to show signs of vegetables!

I'm not sure who organized and thought of putting a vegetable garden behind the school, but whoever you are, you deserve a huge thumbs up and pat on the back.

Ever since their classes finished planting, my children have talked about the garden every single day. They keep asking to go by and check on all the plants. The last time we went the plants were all starting to look like yummy veggies were in the near future.

Ella and Layton claim that we are allowed to pick a tomato or two if some are ready when we go by, but I haven't verified this with school officials or teachers...so we didn't pick the gorgeous lettuce that I was dying to take home and eat. Seriously, I'm tempted to go by in the dark of night and satisfy my salad twitch.

Squash, cucumbers, strawberries, peppers....The littles looked at every single plant to see if production had begun. It was so adorable.

...and then Layton said we were gangsta for being on school property when school wasn't in session and demanded that I take a picture of his "gangsta" pose.

Have any other JNES parents checked on the garden lately? Any veggies? Did any of you take any?