Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Do I Blog?...

Today's topic for the commenting challenge is about my blog. Why do I blog? What do I blog about? Etc.

I started blogging several {6} years ago. Originally, the idea for starting a blog was just an inside joke between me and the hubs and our good friend C-O-D. I was feeling inspired one day and did it. Then, it kind of became something that I did a little bit more often. By 2009, the blog started to take on more of a diary/scrapbook for me. I love to look back at all the pictures and read about what we were doing five years ago. It's a part of my life now. I have made connections with other bloggers and have watched their families grow just as they have watched mine grow.

I mostly blog about the things we do as a family or the things I take the children to do. I blog about the things I love and the things I hope to accomplish. I also like to get all the random thoughts out of my head from time to time. I sometimes like to blog about some of the more challenging conversations I have had with my children. Some day, I will be grateful that I actually made note of the fiasco of 2012. Occasionally, I get a little bit fired up and rant and rave. I try to avoid religion and politics if I can. I'm more of a mindless fluff kind of blogger.

There is no homeschooling advice here. I openly admit that being a mom is a huge struggle for me; therefore, I take full advantage of government subsidized daycare (read as: public school).

There are no recipes here, but I think I might throw one out there from time to time in the future. Especially, some of my gluten-free recipes. The hubs and girls have not made a single comment about pancakes tasting strange in probably a year. To me, that says that I have perfected gluten-free pancakes. Gluten-free biscuits? Not so much.

I have grown to love my blog. This is my space where I can say whatever I want whether it's right or wrong or somewhere in between. This is my little corner of the Internet. I like it here.