Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Through Her Eyes...

Life isn't easy. I guess what I really mean is that living a life isn't easy. The physical aspect of life, breathing in and out, is automatic.  It is not hard to simply exist. The emotional aspect of life takes hard work. Relationships with others, navigating with a moral compass, knowing whom to hunker down with in the storms, knowing exactly who you are on the inside and what you want - those things are hard. Dealing with loss, planning parties, working, raising - those things are hard. Making friends, keeping friends, being generous, being stingy when needed, knowing right from wrong - those things are hard. At least - it's hard for me.

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This child though...She doesn't see the world that way at all. She sees everyone as a friend and everyday as an opportunity to do something new. She wants to learn and love. She wants to smile and cry. She wants to sing and dance. She wants to hug and hit. She wants it all and isn't afraid to go for it. She is an absolute treasure in my book; I want to be more like Ella.