Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loves the Environment...Or Does She?...

Hadley has always been passionate about the environment and animals. She has urged me to recycle. She has begged to adopt every animal you can imagine. She has told me to buy a hybrid. I admire her passion to protect the world.

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No joke. She got in the shower. I knocked on the door a bit later to tell her to hurry. The water kept running. I knocked again to let her know we needed to speed it up. The water kept running. Finally, I knocked on the door with gumption - meaning I beat on the bathroom door like I was looking for brains because I was high on bath salts. She eventually hustled out of the bathroom. I asked her what on earth took her so long. I could have showered five times in the length of time she was in there, and I have triple the surface area to scrub.

She fell asleep. Seriously. She fell asleep standing up in the shower. Hmm. With water consumption like that, she's going to need to step up her environmental game.