Monday, July 02, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-It is hot. It is way too hot for me. It's been in the triple digits for what seems like an enternity. It's actually only been a few days. It probably wouldn't be quite as hot for me if I would wear something other than long pants and shirts with sleeves. I decided to give the Clinical strength deodorant a try a few weeks ago. It's holding up better than my hair in this heat. Rumor has it that it will only be in the 90s this coming week. Wow, a regular cold front. (Read that last bit as sarcastically as possible.)

-Watching TV with Layton is not an easy task. He smack talks through every show. While watching America's Got Talent, we all heard snoring. Oh yes, Layton was faking a loud snore to show his boredom with the act that was on screen. He followed it up by whispering in my ear, "You should throw up now." Really? Son, really?

-The codependents are very into My Little Pony right now. One of the 8,000 channels it seems like we get airs a few episodes every morning. Hadley got clever and set up a season pass for it on the Tivo. My three lovelies sit and watch each episode every afternoon. It's so campy, but they love it. When asked what they want for their birthdays, all three of them said they want a My Little Pony stuffed animal. What's up with that? 

-Did I mention that all this heat has me in a really crabby mood? Well, it does. The poor kid who helped bag my groceries at Publix the other day noticed. Publix Guy, I am sorry for seeming snarky when I told you I didn't need help getting to the car. Honestly, I was trying to be nice when I told you to help someone elderly with their bags instead. It just didn't come out that way...

-Speaking of the baggers at Publix...I rarely allow one to help put the goods in my car. Do you? Truth be told, it's entirely possible that one might pull back a nub after reaching into the back of the Volv-Ro seeing as how I am growing new species of animals and insects on the many spills and empty food bags. The back of my car is either a genius plan to prove evolution or a lawsuit waiting to happen. At least there is also a first aid kit (complete with a CPR mask) back there. Note to self: take CPR class; you may not be able to read the instructions under pressure.

-TomKat. The divorce. I'm going to go ahead and confess my obsession with Suri's Burn Book. If your soul is as black as mine, you simply must read through a few pages of "Suri's" blog. It is soooo wrong but soooo entertaining.