Monday, July 09, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-Effic. Ephic. Hear this one out. Layton described his skills on the river as effic. Or maybe it's spelled ephic. When asked what effic means, Layton told me, "it's being awesome only more effic." Sweet boy, the word you are attempting to use is epic. Although. I think ephic works just fine for Layton. Feel free to use Effic/Ephic this week. Just make sure you explain that it's being awesome only more effic/ephic.

-The codependents are taking swimming lessons this week. I am considering taking Valium to cope with it. I mean, really, A-Ro, really? You had to schedule this for a week when you were already slammed with things to do at work, home, and with Spirit of Athens? Clearly, I need a freaking CT scan because I have gone full-on stupid.

-Going full-on...that's what I call it when I don't just half-a$$ something. Like when I go full-on Whitney Houston and say, "Oh, Hell to the No." Know what I mean? Did I ever tell you all about when I went full-on Whitney when a Cracker Barrel employee hung up on me while taking my to-go order via telephone? I seriously got in my car, drove to the restaurant, placed my order under a different name (Hello? Have you seen Waiting?), waited for the food, paid for my food and then....oh me oh my...then...good are not going to believe this, but then I demanded the young man come up front and apologize to me. It was one of those moments that made me sick with my own bad self. I also refused to eat at Cracker Barrel for a good 8 months after that. I was so mortified that I did it! Yes, it was rude of the kid to hang up on me mid-order, but for crying out loud, I drove there and demanded an apology. Citizen of the year, I am not!

-Also, I may have littered in the not so distant past. It was at the river. Good lawd, I have "diarrhea of the keyboard" today. I did pick it up the next day when we went back. Still though. I am not city council material. Ha! Actually, the election is upcoming for city council...hmmmm...maybe one of these days I will run for office. HAHAHAHA!

-Sweet Cherry Limeade. My post regarding Things I'm Afraid to Tell You seemed to hit a nerve with some folks. I knew, know, that some of my beliefs anger some of you. What I did not know was that some who vehemently disagree with me would not only be okay with my decision to publish the post but would send words of support and encouragement. I am especially grateful to Kayla for being in knots for me. That has saved me a good bit of time this week. Feel free to have your stomach knotted up on my behalf anytime. :)

-Speaking of my beliefs...none of them have gone without gut wrenching thought and internal debate that resulted from life experiences and spending time with people who opened my heart and mind to what life outside my own shoes must be like. To be brutally honest, I spent far too many years of my life failing to understand and empathize with others less fortunate than myself. I am as "normal" or "fortunate" as it gets according to society. I am a white, heterosexual, married, mother of three, employed woman of ordinary intelligence. I have no right to complain about the life choices of others when clearly I have never had to make a single choice of gravitas. Ever. I regret not looking and feeling beyond my own self for as long as I did.

-Layton is helping me create a cloning machine this week. It's very Phineas and Ferb. Should it work, there will be three of me floating about town this week. Should it not work, one of us will end up in the ER. Or with paint on our clothes.