Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-Ella convinced J to order a new pair of sandals for her. This morning she was lamenting the fact that it will take "three to five whole business days" to get her sandals. Three to five days is the equivalent of a century to Ella when she is expecting a package. God love her soul, she will make everyone around her aware of just how long she has waited for this package...every five minutes.

-I am kind of obsessed with Sosie at the moment. I could look at that website all day long. The clothes are so cute. I just wish I had the confidence to wear some of it.

-Confession. I check the Alabama Department of Public Safety once a month to see if any sex offenders have moved closer to my house. There are 54 registered offenders within a 5 mile radius of my house. Eight of them live in  this skeezy (Town and Country) motel. Don't worry; if I have your address, chances are strong I have also checked to see what pervs live near you too.

-I have curly hair. I have been straightening it for years. The other day I let the hair go. I didn't bother drying it or putting product in it. Hadley said my hair looked like "rats climbed in it, had babies, and then nested there." Thank you, Hadley. My self esteem really needed that boost.

-Even though I really love my job, I find it extremely difficult to work with other people. For the majority of my working years, I had a certain amount of autonomy. I spent a lot of time alone in the office. It was perfect for someone like me who is more comfortable alone than in a group. Having to discuss situations with other people is wonderful, but it has taken me a long, long time to get used to.

-The other night I was resting (read: being a lazy bum sitting on my fat arse) when I heard Ella and Layton approaching the den. Layton said to Ella, "We'll hit her with our cuteness." I'm overhearing this and trying to control my laughter. They came in, and Layton proceeded to ask me if he could sleep on the sofa. I told him he could, but he would have to take his bath first. Layton looked over at Ella and said, "She out smarted my cuteness." Apparently, he thought he could "cute" his way into skipping a bath. Sometimes I wonder about him...

-I've got CPE. Please text, tweet, email, whatever. I'm trying to get all my A&A over with, and I'm taking a lovely Government Audit class later today. Either entertain me via the interwebs or stop by my office with a bottle of hooch. I am soooooo not into audit work.